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This week, I had the ultimate experience in entrainment.

Entrainment is that concept that energy will compensate, find that same energy pattern, and follow it – like pendulums in a clock store moving at different rhythms until at last they are all swinging in the same direction and distance at the same time.

I walked into a crowded café and it was absolutely silent.

No one was talking aloud.

Some were just eating food in silence.

Some were on their cellphones, texting and/or playing games.

But there were two men, engrossed in a conversation, in sign language. And it felt like their conversation held such energy, that the entire room commanded the same type of silence that their conversation held.

Could you imagine if the entire world entrained to silence at the same time?

Not saying a word, but communicating? Having dinner in silence, as if to truly experience the taste, smell, sight, texture and sound of the meal, in its totality? Becoming engrossed in something on a phone whereas not disturbing the silence in the room?