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If I were to premise the response from my book “Ultimate Alchemy: Using the Alchemy Science of the Past to Empower Your Life Today,” then I would have the following response: It depends on if it helps a person reach his or her desired outcome.

Everything is conceptual in nature. The concept holds energy and an electrical charge. If faith and naivety have the same type of vibration, strong enough to help a person reach a desired outcome, then the answer would be yes, faith and naivety are the same thing. But if those concepts, according to each person’s belief system and points of view, are varying in definition, so much so, that it gives the vibration and appearance of having contrasting or energy running at conceptual opposites, then no, they aren’t the same. Conceptual opposites deal with duality. Duality embraces the premise that you can’t know what white is unless you know what black is, hot unless you know what cold is, wet unless you know what dry is, etc. Duality is two-fold in nature and it requires judgment. Judgment holds a charge and produces an energy field. It’s a conditional energy field and holds situations in place unless there is a stronger force, entering into the equation to keep those conceptual opposites from continuing on into eternity.

Faith is one of those energies, strong enough in nature, to intercept the conceptual opposites and attract them back at a ninety degree angle. When faith enters into a conditional energy field, it plants a seed and travels into the unknown. It’s a beautiful expression of Ain Soph – nothing but everything – the Void. The conditions may seem supportive or maybe not. But it doesn’t matter. It has a natural energy field with a an innate ability to believe that all is in divine order – to know that contrary to the rates and vibrations of things that give it its appearance and our life experience that gives us the perception of that appearance of things, this is that thing called life. When a person gets strong enough to reside and have parallel energies with the energy called faith, he or she is experiencing the beautiful energies that are abound in the zero point energy field.

As I explained in “Ultimate Alchemy” once within the Zero Point Energy Field, the atomic motion of an object stops completely and a non-local reality can influence changes in the local reality. This means that an object can give the appearance of disappearing but its energetic imprint doesn’t leave. The quantum particles that make up the Zero Point Field do not move in a particular linear fashion but disappear and re-appear in reality systems. Upon that premise, faith would not move in a linear fashion and thus, would not be subjected to the laws of duality or cause and effect.

Faith would transcend duality just as love does (perhaps they’re the same concept…). And just like love, faith would have the ability to take the electrical charges out of body and the emotions. And so, maybe the person who gives the appearance of being naïve understands and walks in faith. Then perhaps, in the truest sense of having faith, naivety is a necessary requirement...…