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The Holistic Life Transformational Experience is a collection of carefully designed programs to help people get clear in order to get the best out of his or her life. Each program is loaded with detailed information, visuals, and exercises to unlock previous programming, expand awareness and explore new possibilities. Please check the website periodically or sign up to our mailing list to find out when the latest program under this experience is available.


Ultimate Alchemy: Using the Alchemy Science of the Past to Empower Your Life Today Ultimate Alchemy is a book to bring certain principles to awareness.

It was written to offer suggestions on how to use the concept of alchemy, which has been used throughout time, to shift perspectives on everyday occurences. Ultimate Alchemy provides options beyond a linear perspective or "one way of seeing things. "

As humans, we sometimes feel stuck and limited in our choices. This is often because we're programmed to see things one way and believe one cause will always produce the same effect."

Alchemy is about transmuting or shifting states within an object and Ultimate Alchemy is about using several energy concepts to shift states within oneself. This is done through the energy body and the mind, which the book explains. People who want to take personal accountability and responsibility for their inner states and perceptions would empower themselves and greatly benefit from this book. It looks into different emotional states and systems - explaining just what they are. People are different because of his or her backgrounds, belief systems and various teachings. The common denominator is that people are struggling with so many aspects of life - health, money, family, relationships and other issues. And the concept of alchemy - transmuting something that is "base within someone" into something that is "gold within" is a powerful way to empower them past their pain.

This book will impact its readers because he or she will realize that quite a few solutions to their issues aren't our there, but are within, lying dormant, waiting to be activated through awareness.

It was written in a way that:

(1) would be helpful to its readers;

(2) would encompass some valuable information from the ancient civilizations of the Egyptians, Mayans, Toltecs and Incas, as well as the ones of Atlantis and Lemuria regarding alchemy and the Universe;

(3) that would not come across as “preachy” - “You need to do this, this and this.”; and

(4) that would not emphasize and entrain a conditional energy field around metaphysics – the one that makes some people not pick up or look at the book in the first place because he or she feels that the “woo-woo paranormal stuff” is lurking somewhere in the next couple of pages.

Ultimate Alchemy will:

- Explore playing with the idea of Concepts,

- Lead a person into an understanding of Energy and Energy Systems,

- Assist with an understanding of Systems, how to effectively place oneself in one or more, and how to effectively remove oneself from one or more, and

- Teach the ancient science of Alchemy fused with Sacred Geometry, Synergetics, and Energetics into a System that will change your Life.

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